Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our New Home :)

Alright, after many requests, I decided it was time for my "annual blog post" I noticed last time I posted was exactly a year ago, so I can't make this habit to post only once a year! Well obviously so much has happened in a year's time so I will try to touch on everything without dragging this post out.

Drew was accepted into OSU for dental school which we were thrilled about! We found out last Christmas, and couldn't wait to come out to Columbus! He received an offer from every school he applied for, so I was very proud of him! His hard work definitely pays off!

Fast forward from Christmas to now, we moved out to Columbus a month and a half ago and love it so far!! Columbus is a beautiful city!! I can't believe how green it is here, with tons of trees everywhere! The only down side is the humidity! My skin constantly feels wet and sticky at all times, and with how hot it is outside, it makes things 10 times worse! I definitely miss the dry thin air Utah has to Offer! I know it will just take some time getting used to...hopefully its better in the winters! We moved to the city of Hilliard which is western Columbus. Its a very nice city, kind of reminds me of South Jordan ;( I'm definitely getting a little homesick! I've found there are only 3 things I miss from far. 1. My family and Drew's family! We are extremely close to both sides and I miss everyone so much! 2. The mountains 3. Cafe Rio (yes its true..I haven't found a mexican restaurant out here yet that tops Cafe Rio!) I've probably spent hours online trying to find Cafe Rio recipes so I can try to make it luck! I have to admit the shopping out here is way better than any mall in UT though!

We have done a handful of activities since we have arrived in Columbus. Drew starts school mid september, so we are trying to fit in as many fun things as possible before than! I know once he starts, he is going to be crazy busy, we aren't going to have a whole lot of time for each other. We went to the Columbus zoo which is supposed to be the best zoo in the country. I don't know how much truth there is to that, but it was amazing! I don't think I'll ever be going back to Hogle Zoo after that! We also drove down to Cincinnati for one weekend and went to a Red's baseball game! It was my first pro baseball game. It was a ton of fun, I'll have to post some pics! We also drove up north to a city called Sandusky, OH on the coast of Lake Erie. They have an amusement park called Cedar Point which was amazing! Again, I don't think I'll ever need to go back to Lagoon after that! Our fourth of July was a blast! They had a huge firework show in downtown Columbus which was amazing!! We watched the fireworks on the bridge over the Ohio river. I honestly have never met a city that is so crazy about a Univeristy as Columbus is about OSU!! Everywhere you go, people have Ohio state gear on....and at the firework show, they even had a special portion dedicated to OSU where they played their hymn and fight song with a moment of silence on the school hymn...a little weird...OSU is pretty much a religion out here for everyone in Columbus!

We adopted a kitten a month ago! I had begged Drew for a puppy, which he wouldn't budge on, so we agreed on a kitten. I adopted one from the humane society and 23 hours later, I returned her...I know. I'm a terrible person! She was the cutest thing, but after ripping through half of our power cords, I decided to put her in a cardboard box the next day and return her :( Before you judge me, I went online to the humane society website everyday to make sure someone else had adopted her. Drew and I still talk about her as if she were our own...pretty pathetic. I don't know how we are going to take care of kids one day when we can't even handle a cat for less than 24 hours..

So that's basically what we've been up to in a nutshell. We have been very pleased with our new home so far. We love love our new ward out here in Columbus as well! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! We attend the Hilliard University ward, so basically its just young couples who are either in Dental school or medical school at OSU. We have made lots of new friends and I know we are going to have a ton of fun out here with everyone! We have a special dinner coming up at OSU where Drew receives his white coat to kick off dental school. I'm really excited I'll have to post some pics of that and our new home in my next post.. Oh, I also forgot to mention that my brother Jason and his wife Annette are expecting!!! It's a boy! I'm so happy for them and cannot wait to see my new nephew! He is due at the end of the year:) Other than that we are doing good! I'll try to get another post out before the year ends! Hopefully sooner...

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