Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adjusting to Something New :)

Well this has got to be an all time record for me.. Usually I post once every six months or so on my blog and I'm now doing another post only few weeks apart from my last one! This just goes to show how much time I truly have on my hands here in Columbus. Drew and I are doing really good so far...I'm still working full time at CR England. They are a company headquartered in SLC. I have been with them for a about a year and a half and they have let me continue working for them here in Columbus! It really has been the biggest blessing for Drew and I that I have been able to keep such a good job...not to mention, I get to work from home which has been amazing! Getting to stay in your PJs all day without having to get ready is definitely a plus. :) We currently are renting a two bedroom town home right now, so we turned our second bedroom into my office. Drew starts Dental school in 3 weeks. He is bored out of his mind right now, so hopefully these next 3 weeks will go by fast!

I decided it would be a good idea to post some pics of our new home because we haven't been out lately, so I haven't been taking very many pictures!

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